Work Day November 28

Pete Murray checked to see if the RGB video signal produced by CHARGE could be connected to a 15″ CRT monitor using an RGB to VGA converter. The result, still no joy but sort of expected. Pete took some pictures off the scope such as RGB timing and further investigations will take place off-line. We need to understand the RGB requirements of the Mitsubishi monitor and work back from that, is the RGB it expects actually ‘standard’ RGB?

Neil and Ian spent the day in the T86 removing covers then removing their chrome handles. Neil confirming that we now have a complete set of keys for all the locks in the T86 which, including the door lock, comes to six! It took two visits to a local locksmith to sort the lack of keys of which none were in the radar when it was acquired. As in the previous week a bit more board testing, specifically GX and GL processors which were not serviceable. Perhaps off-line learning to fault find and repair these units is a top priority – along with all the other top priorities.

The Tech. Sup’s monitor lost its vertical hold and no amount of adjusting could stop the picture ‘wandering’ in the horizontal. Remember, the display monitors are mounted in the console on their ends so Vertical as displayed is actually Horizontal re adjustment. We’ll have a look at this monitor again next week and if necessary remove it to the workshop for fault finding.