Work Day December 12

The day was dominated by a lot of physical labour by Neil and Dave with the T86. Work continues on the flooring, removing the hard-to-get-at bits which includes under the drawer unit and the transmitter cabinet. Didn’t get to the flooring under the Transmitter as the drawer unit was enough of a challenge. Anyway, drawer unit and flooring removed from under it. All the chrome handles have now been removed from the T86 equipment racks and have been replaced with bits of rope. You have to be able to pull on something! A T86 man was also asked to drag up memories from 37 years ago on how to release the runners for the equipment draws in the Tx rack.

CHARGE was a problem when we first switched on the LCP but that was resolved with some edge connector cleaning and the Ferranti representative (Pete M) letting us know that the -5V DC supply to CHARGE should actually be -5.2V DC; adjustment made! Time will tell if this voltage adjustment has any impact on the CHARGE instability which we have put down to mains problems.

Pete M and Pete H carried on with some spare unit testing which takes a lot longer than expected. We now have a few spare boards for the Argus, enough to hold a stock of spares in the LCP.

Pete M also tested (again) the RGB to VGA converter he obtained which now recognised there was an RGB input, as a result of the -5.2 V DC, but trying to drive a VGA monitor resulted in an ‘out of range’ message. Pete has given this a good try but the non-standard timing of the frame, etc. is defeating us.

This was our last team working Saturday before Christmas.