New Year Summary February 2015

From Pete Harry:
Firstly I want to thank everyone who has made a donation to the BMPG. Without such support we would struggle to fund many of the tasks in returning the LCP and T86 to their ‘in service’ condition. I give you an example; all the chrome drawer handles and latches etc in the LCP needed rechroming, a task that has been completed at a cost of £1,100. Donations made it happen. Every penny we receive is spent on the restoration and no where else! If you are able to donate our bank details are:
Acct Name: BMPG Limited
Sort Code 30-18-83
Acct No. 13392468
Cheques can be made payable to, ‘BMPG Limited’ and sent to: Pete Harry 7 Pinkham Cleobury Mortimer Kidderminster DY14 8QE.  BMPG Ltd is our legal entity and a ‘not for profit company’.

Now back to the restoration news:

The winter tends to be a quiet time as regards restoration of the LCP and T86, the main reason being ‘who wants to work in freezing cold conditions at  this time of year’. That said, the restoration team are now getting back in to the swing of regular Saturday working at the site.

The computer system, I/O racks and the displays are now fully restored and continue to run reliably. Work on the LCP will now be directed towards its appearance and the plan is to repaint the cabin by the end of the coming summer. Pete M is currently putting together a few videos on the LCPand the simulator which will help with a public awareness of what we are achieving.

The T86
Rotten plywood and lino floor of the T86 has now been removed. The condition of the floor was poor due to water ingress during the T86’s many years in store in the open, or should I say, abandoned in the open. Neil, Dave S and Ian  are the main workforce tackling the T86 floor and now have a temporary one fitted. All the chrome drawer handles have been removed in the T86 for re chroming and work is starting on the rear of the aerial assembly for restoration, cleaning and re painting.

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