Work Day February 27

It was cold in the hangar on Saturday but anyone called Pete is allowed to stay in the nice warm LCP!!! On this principle Neil has now changed his middle name to Pete (according to Dave). OK, Neil did do some good work (while sat in a warm LCP) as he had worked out the MEZ for the Bloodhound force in the UK from data originally supplied by Richard V. which Neil transposed to give MEZ coordinates on to the E.C’s P display. Neil also set up the correct ‘No Light’ bearings to reflect Yellow section at Bawdsey.

Dave spent the day continuing to dismantle the T86 door lock and mechanism, not an easy task as the whole assembly is solid with corrosion etc. All securing screws having to be drilled out, except one, which Dave was pleased about!

I spent the day making a start on the rear of the Aerial Assembly, scraping and dismantling ready for a clean and re paint (sometime this coming summer). It’s a sort of priority task as once the aerials are removed we won’t be able to get at the rear of the assembly.

And finally …. the LCP is U/S! Not a serious problem, PSU7 (a 6V 60 Amp PS) in the computer rack failed towards the end of the day. Not a problem as there was a spare in the LCP. Unfortunately the spare PS lasted a few seconds before also failing. I am sure this is a PS age problem rather than something causing them to fail. The spare would have had a quick check before going to the LCP, obviously it needed a proper soak test! I’ll have a go a repairing the power supplies, we also have a few more spare 6V, 60 Amp units so we should all be back to normal next time we are on site.