Work Day May 21

The dirty bit first as work continued on removing loose paint from under the T86 cabin and the cable ducts on the right hand side of the LCP cabin. The ducts now need a good clean before repainting, they are engrained with dirt. Neil was the dirtiest after his work on the underside of the T86 cabin; he also discovered that a box section that runs under the door frame was completely rotten on the underside, a job for the future though. The original plan was to finish the paint scrapping on the rear wall of the cabin but unfortunately one hot air gun was totally dead with a blown filament and the second gun only produced enough warm air enough to dry my hair [he doesn’t have any Ed.] but totally useless at removing paint. I’ll sort out a couple of hot air guns this week, one being a replacement for Pete M’s gun.

Some bad news in that the simulator has gone U/S. one of the ME153 GL processors has failed. I’ll bring along the two spare ME153’s we have next Saturday and get the simulator running again. We now have at least three U/S ME153’s so I’ll be looking at how these can be repaired as a priority.

As Neil said when we left, ‘we broke more that we fixed today’.

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