Work Day May 28

First task was to get the LCP/Simulator serviceable again. On refitting the two ME153’s from the test rig in the workshopg both indicated as U/S when booting up. The  two ME153’s, that were U/S unit from last week now worked again ….. everything burst in to life. Ran the LCP for a while, no problems. Also ran the Sim at the end of the day and it fired up OK and was left in a ‘S’ state. Not sure what was going on, dirty backplane connector – perhaps.

Back to the paint scraping for Neil who was full of admiration for the new hot air guns that worked a treat. He did take care not to melt holes in the side of the LCP but he did manage to burn a hole in his hand instead. I fussed around paint scraping the covers for the door vents, easy peasy with the new heat guns, they also needed a bit of metal bashing to get them back in to their correct shape; door vents and covers now temporarily refitted. I also rubbed down the large cable duct cover ready for a repaint.

We have an ME168 Hand-Held Monitor … but there is an operator problem, I have no idea how to use it to test an ME153. Perhaps there is an ex-Ferranti out there who could advise us.

Finally, discussed with Neil that we should treat, prime, paint and then refit the roof catches ASAP so time to buy some paint. We also discussed what not to paint so features on the cabin stand out. No, I’m not suggesting picking out features in red. Thoughts on this is welcome. I know the LCP cabin was just sprayed all over with little thought for detail but I think we can do a better job than just spraying everything.

U/S ME147 (1Mb memory card) now at the workshop; Pete M removed this faulty card a few months back re parity errors. I’ll investigate how to repair.

I had two extra T86 door keys cut last week and they were checked yesterday. All three T86 door keys now work so Neil and I have one plus the spare (original) is labelled and in the drawer of the LCP tool cupboard. The padlock has now been removed from the T86 door which is securely locked by the door handle. All down to great work on the door mechanism.

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