Work Day June 25

On arrival today the Argus wouldn’t boot. As soon as data started to be transferred from the CF card (disk) to the ME148 Store (memory) the parity LED on the ME148 lit and nothing else happened. A reseating of the ME148 and a clean of the edge connector made no difference. The ME148 that had now failed was the LCP spare used to replace the original ME148 which had also gone U/S. The original ME148 was still in the LCP. An observation; a lot of the faults we have with the A700 boards tend to be on units with mother and daughter combinations. – Store, GL and GX processors. It was, therefore, worth a go at the previously removed and U/S ME148, I (Pete H) cleaned the edge connector and then unscrewed the daughter board and easing it out before reseating it back on the mother board. I then put the original ME148 in the A700, switched on and all ‘S’ again. The simulator ran for a good period with no further problem. I now have the removed, original LCP spare, ME148 at home and I’ll give it the same treatment and see if it works OK in the test rig. The reson for the failures became evident when it was realised that the aperutures left by removal of air vents for cleaning and paint preparation had been covered with polythene to prevent ingress of vermin; unfortuantely this also stopped ingress of air causing condensation to form due to adverse humidity conditions … lessons learned!

Off-site work has included the thrilling task of cleaning external rubber connector covers. Some good quality tyre paint will hopefully restore the rubber and cover the green paint which has been randomly sprayed over the covers during in-service repainting.


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