Work Day July 23

The main work of the day was yet more paint scraping on the LCP but the end wall is now finished (see below), just the front and the roof to go. The end wall took a fair bit of time due to the cable ducts and the sheer number of rivet heads.

LCP end scrpaed
LCP end after paint scraping

In a gap with the scraping I created a few lanyards for the plug and socket covers.

New Plug Cover Lanyard marked.jpg
New lanyards

Looking good if I say so myself but I did say to Neil today that I couldn’t find a replacement swivel, Neil emailed me to say he has ordered enough swivels (they stop the lanyard from twisting) which are as near as he could get to the original, see photo.

Lanyard Swivel
Lanyard swivels

Now; can anyone find boot lace ferrules as per photo that will crimp 3mm cord? The attached photo of the original lanyard is the only example I have of an original lanyard, a couple of others I have are are very badly corroded and most of the plug covers were just tied on to the split ring with no crimps.

Original Cover Lanyard

We finished the day with a short discussion on if and how we could get a replacement seal for the window in the E.C.’s door. Perhaps the same type of seal used in 1960’s car windscreens? Wafting heat guns around the window and its seal is not a good idea. Can anyone help on this one and possibly find a source?