Help Needed … the physical kind!

So we battle on …. We are still seeking voluntary assistance to help complete the LCP and work on the T86 radar which are located in a secure, restricted access, storage facility on the outskirts of Telford. Team members meet up most Saturday’s but come along when you have time; you do not have to come every Saturday. If interested email Unfortunately we do not receive funding so cannot cover travel or other expenses.

41 Sqn Badge Found

When scraping paint from the LCP door today we uncovered some homemade artwork of a 41 Sqn badge as below. So our LCP, Ser. No. 1022, was either on 41 Sqn MS4 or MS6. Are there any old 41 Sqn guys around that possible remember if 41 painted their squadron badge on all their LCP’s or just 1022. Perhaps we can actually narrow 1022 down to MS4 or MS6. 1022 was definitely at Wildenrath as one of our team worked on it there.41 Sqn Badge on LCP Door.JPG

This is what it should have originally looked like.

41 Sqn.png

Current Status With Aerospace Bristol

The shared vision between ourselves and the exhibition development team at the new Filton museum was for our LCP and T86 radar to be displayed alongside the definitive national tandard Mk2 Bloodhound missile. However, over the last three years there have been significant organisational changes at what was called the Bristol Aerospace Centre and is now known simply as Aerospace Bristol run by the Bristol Aero Collection Trust. Their emphasis is markedly on Concorde of which there are a number on display elsewhere but now with with scant regard for this unique Bloodhound project.

Aerospace Bristol is due to open in the summer of 2017 with the missile on its own in the exhibition. However, it is still our plan for the LCP and T86 radar to be transferred to Filton but they will not on display at the time of opening. They will remain fully under the control of the owners BMPG Ltd (us) with the enduring vision that this important Cold War defence missile system will be displayed as an entity with the public access it requires.

Work Day July 30

Neil and Ian Paint Scraping wm.jpg
Ian and Neal paint scraping on the LCP

With Neil, Pete M, Ian and myself (Pete H)  on site a good amount of work was carried out. Plenty of the usual paint scraping which led to some excitement when it uncovered a 41 Sqn badge that had been painted on the LCP door. Obviously it confirms that our LCP, Ser. No. 1022, was on a 41 Sqn section before going to Wildenrath with 25 Sqn. Richard Vernon applied his knowledge and some good detective work and we believe that LCP 1022 was (possibly) on 41 Sqn MS6 in the late 1960’s.


One task being picked up again was the refurbishing of the covers for the cable outlets on the LCP cabin. All the rubber seals need replacing for a start! We are paying attention to detail as such items as the small, circular, chrome covers for the securing catches are being replaced as several have had their covering flaps broken off over the years. We also looked at removing the glass from the window in the E.C.’s door as the seal could do with renewing. A task we’ll only carry out if there is zero risk of damage or breaking the glass. Paint removal from the cabin has also revealed a good number of dents that have been filled before a repaint – at some time in the past. A good number of these dents appeared to be in a line so speculation ensued. Was this LCP air transported at some time and the air movements people were not that careful?


The final task was to run up the LCP and check the simulator was still serviceable, it is. The FT81 monitor had a bit of a wobble with the vertical sync taking a while to settle down. not a problem for us as if it needs removing and possibly repairing as we have a spare in the LCP.