41 Sqn Badge Found

When scraping paint from the LCP door today we uncovered some homemade artwork of a 41 Sqn badge as below. So our LCP, Ser. No. 1022, was either on 41 Sqn MS4 or MS6. Are there any old 41 Sqn guys around that possible remember if 41 painted their squadron badge on all their LCP’s or just 1022. Perhaps we can actually narrow 1022 down to MS4 or MS6. 1022 was definitely at Wildenrath as one of our team worked on it there.41 Sqn Badge on LCP Door.JPG

This is what it should have originally looked like.

41 Sqn.png

2 thoughts on “41 Sqn Badge Found”

  1. Reply from Richard Vernon:
    1022 wasn’t on the one of the mobile sections off 41 Sqn until the RAF 3/1 mod program was done in 1969. The three sections from 25 Sqn that were deployed to RAFG were MS 1, MS 2 and MS 3. (Their MS 4 was transferred to WR to become the proving and trials section). 25 Sqn didn’t record MS numbers v Section names in their ORB until they put the first two sections in at Laarbruch. Their MS 2 at NC, became MS 5 ‘Green’ while the MS 3 became MS 6 Brown. The next section into RAFG was the former MS 5 ‘Purple’ from 41 Sqn which was sent to Laarbruch in Aug 70 as a Spare. It then went to Bruggen as MS 2 in Nov 70. In the same month, MS 1 ‘Blue’ Section was transferred to WR from NC where it joined the two former 41 Sqn T86 sections MS4 ‘Black’ and MS6 ‘Yellow’. They were all deployed to Germany Sept – Nov 70 with 2 sections going to Wildenrath as MS 3 (Blue) and 4 (Yellow) and one going to Bruggen as MS 1 (Black). This suggest that 1022 was on 41 Sqn’s MS 6. though it is likely that the LCP was originally on one of the Static T87 sections which were de-built between July and November 1969.


  2. Richard sent a further update with the answer to our question; he said:

    Thanks to a bit of correlation of 25 Sqn, 41 Sqn and West Ranyham Station ORB’s from 1970, I think we can say its the former MS 6. The reason I say that is thus.

    25 Sqn’s ORB’s for 1969/1970 recorded the RAF 3/1 Mod program on the UK based LCP’s and radars which were done by a Services Work Party based at North Coates during the period before they went to Germany. 25 Sqn’s four sections had the LCP and Radar Serials included in the engineering reports, so they were all covered.

    They only recorded the serial of three LCP’s from 41 Sqn on this programme.. 1024 which was on MS 5 plus 1023 and 1025 which were scheduled for deployment to Cyprus (1025 having been an LCP which had been brought back from Cyprus by 41 Sqn in May 1968 when it was swapped for what appears to have been an ex Seletar T86 Section LCP (1006). (1025 was a former Woodhall Spa LCP). 1023 was a 41 Sqn LCP, but it may have been a former T87 section LCP (The three 87 sections at West Raynham were drawn down from all fully operational in June 1968 to one in C&M, one for Training and one operational the following month (The reason for this was the Deterrent was being shared by both the V force and Polaris from that point). As soon as Polaris had enough sub’s to give a fully operational operational Deterrent, the V Force came off QRA and 41’s last operational T87 section shut down on the following day!! The T87 Sections were de-built between July and November 1969 with MS 3 being the first to go (The radar was sent to Cyprus (P117)), LCP 1023 was modified at North Coates in Oct 69 and did end up at Cyprus but there is no info on where it came from or when it left North Coates. That could have have been a former T87 LCP of 41 Sqn (either MS 2 or MS 3). Raynham’s MS 2 was de-built in Aug – Sept 69, while MS 1 followed in the November.

    25 Sqn’s first two sections into RAFG were MS 2 and 3 from North Coates which were deployed in Apr – May of 1970. They became MS 5 (Brown) and MS 6 (Green) at Laarbruch. Of the remaining two sections MS 4 was sent to West Raynham to continue as the trials and proving section. In August 1970 the last of 25 Squadron’s North Coates based sections MS 1 was dispatched to West Raynham. 41 Squadron by this time had disbanded and the West Ranyham Eng Wing had all of the former mobile 41 Sqn stuff which were three sections They recorded the movement of MS1 with its call sign which was ‘Blue’ Section. In the same month MS 5 (Purple) section from 41 Sqn was deployed to Laarbruch (it was then moved to Bruggen in November 1970.). Blue section was moved to RAFG in Sep – Nov 1970 with the other two ex 41 Sqn sections which were MS 4 (Black) and MS6 (Yellow).

    25 Sqn’s org in RAFG v what was in the UK is below
    MS 1 = Black = 41 Sqn MS 4
    MS 2 = Purple = 41 Sqn MS 5
    MS 3 = Blue = MS 1 (25 Sqn at North Coates)
    MS 4 = Yellow = 41 Sqn MS 6
    MS 5 = Brown = MS 2 (25 Sqn at North Coates)
    MS 6 = Green = MS 3 (25 Sqn at North Coates)

    Wherever 1022 was MS 6’s original LCP or came off one of the T 87 sections is another matter as all of the mobile sections on 41 did at least one deployment with other LCPs. (They took three sections to Cyprus for an exercise in April 1968 with 1004 (borrowed from 25 Sqn), 1006 (suspect ex Seletar mobile section LCP returned in late 1967) and 1020 (one of their own mobile LCP’s). While they swapped were on Cyprus two LCP’s with 112 Sqn and came back with 1004, 1013 and 1025.

    41 Sqn had quite a lot of missiles with Sqn badges on ramjets, I suspect most of their LCP’s and radars did as well.


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