Current Status With Aerospace Bristol

The shared vision between ourselves and the exhibition development team at the new Filton museum was for our LCP and T86 radar to be displayed alongside the definitive national tandard Mk2 Bloodhound missile. However, over the last three years there have been significant organisational changes at what was called the Bristol Aerospace Centre and is now known simply as Aerospace Bristol run by the Bristol Aero Collection Trust. Their emphasis is markedly on Concorde of which there are a number on display elsewhere but now with with scant regard for this unique Bloodhound project.

Aerospace Bristol is due to open in the summer of 2017 with the missile on its own in the exhibition. However, it is still our plan for the LCP and T86 radar to be transferred to Filton but they will not on display at the time of opening. They will remain fully under the control of the owners BMPG Ltd (us) with the enduring vision that this important Cold War defence missile system will be displayed as an entity with the public access it requires.

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