I (Pete H.) have amassed the bits to create plug and socket lanyards including a crimp tool. Below is the end result of crimping but I need to check that the split rings fitting on the plugs. The rings I have are the nearest size to the originals I could get, plus Dave has liberated original split rings from Newton which we’ll use. Also, there is nylon cord at the hangar courtesy of Neil. The original cord was cotton but the replacement nylon but I reckon that’s fine.

Plug-Socket Lanyard.jpg

I was in the local hardware store today and dug up some green, yellow and black enamel paint. Old stock and no one knew how much a tin was! We need this paint to surround the firing line plugs as per here:

Hammerite 2.jpg


Work Day July 9

Another fantastically boring but therapeutic (according to Neil) day as we continued with the master plan of getting the LCP repainted before the end of summer. The rear wall of the cabin is now completely stripped and ready for a gentle rub down before painting, thanks to Neil’s efforts this morning. The majority of the day was spent on the side wall of the cabin as shown in the before and after photos attached. Hard work, especially cleaning all the rivet heads and roof catches. Another full day should see this side wall finished. The hot air guns are still working at maximum efficiency as Neil can testify after burning his hand so next time you are with us please ask to see his scars.LCP Paint Strip 7-9-16 1   LCP Paint Strip 7-9-16 3

A couple of photos of the T86 attached to prove it’s still there.

T86 in Hangar 5 2   T86 in Hangar 5.jpg


Work Day July 2

Today: Neil’s arms nearly dropped off, or they felt they were about to as he finished paint scraping the rear wall of the cabin.

LCP Cabin Paint Stripped 2.jpg

See the attached photos for the ‘uncovered’ ID labels on the side of the LCP, long since painted over but now exposed to daylight once more.

LCP cabin ID 1.jpg


LCP cabin ID 2.jpg

I started some painting – at last! The cable ducts on the cabin behind ‘M’ rack have plugs and sockets that are part of M Rack units and as such the mounting plate is painted in Hammerite ‘hammered’ grey, at least they were originally. Grey hammered Hammerite is no longer available. I sourced a tin of obviously old stock from eBay. You will also see from one of the photos the black painted surrounds of four cable ducts. The black paint is plastic primer as the housing here is glass fibre. Apart from the items currently in Hammerite the rest will be NATO Green. As I had the grey Hammerite open I also did a bit of touching up in the LCP to hide scratches and chips in paintwork. Note the old and new photo of the securing latches used on covers – good old eBay again. I purchased a couple of sets of these latches this week.

Latch Clips.jpg


Off-site I continue to do battle with trying to fault find GL Processors. The ME153 is a closed loop in that it the master clock pulse is stopped whenever there is a problem on the unit. I’m looking at how I can inject a clock pulse, if it’s possible.