LCP Engagement Controller’s Display Arrangement

We understand that the MK2A LCP’s at West Raynham had the E.C.’s and radar/jamming displays swapped over from the arrangement of displays shown in the AP. The LCP MK2A display arrangement at West Raynham is also confirmed by a photo of an LCP MK2A there. Can anyone here confirm if all the operational MK2A LCP’s on sections at West Raynham had the E.C.’s display on the far right? If all the section MK2A LCP’s at Raynham had these two displays swapped over then our LCP (1022) was not on a West Raynham section. Our LCP has the original arrangement for the four displays as shown here which is as per the AP and more importantly that’s how they were when we first switched on.

Display Console 2.jpg

We are keento find out more about the history of our LCP (1022) and the recent discovery of a 41 Sqn badge hidden under many coats of paint on the LCP door has helped with where it was in use prior to going to Germany with 25 Sqn. What we don’t know is where our LCP was in use after conversion to a MK2A in late 1989. It was definitely in use somewhere rather than stored as there are signs of RAF guys using the good old chinagraph pencil to ID boards on the I/O rack and I’m sure it wouldn’t have left Ferranti with those.

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