Disposition of our LCP 1990/91

Something caused the display positions to be changed as our Ferranti man confirms that after conversion the MK2A’s were shipped back to the RAF from Ferranti with the radar display second from the right as shown in the AP. The purpose of this discussion is to try and pin down the history of our LCP (1022) post conversion to a MK2A. 1022 would have arrived back at West Raynham in early 1990 and after the draw down from 25 after they disbanded there must have been a fair bit of kit around so it’s possible 1022 was used but not on an operational section, is that possible?

These two photos show the Bloodhound MEZ as drawn when still with the RAF and the digital input cards with their many chinagraph annotations (the labels were added for ID purposes by us). Anyone recognise these? We have been told by an E.C. that they did play at drawing MEZ’s on the E.C. school – did they?

Bloodhound MEZ wm.jpg

BH_Digital Inputs wm.jpg
We do know :
1. The LCP was definitely used after conversion to a MK2A from early 1990.
2. Our LCP came directly from West Raynham rather than through another user.
3. One of the original Digital Input cards had a burnt out track which means the simulator would have worked but the LCP would have been U/S on a section.

Were any MK2A LCP’s used for technical training at West Raynham circa 1990?
We are aware the school moved to North Coates from Newton but no idea if any LCP training was done at Raynham if or when, or after, North Coates closed. So were there a number of LCP’s on the E.C.’s school in 1990?


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