Work Days – August 6 and 13

More paint scraping on the LCP cabin with good progress being made on the front. Paint scraping is Neil’s permanent job at the moment! As paint is removed we uncover the original Bronze Green and the later IRR NATO Green, the LCP will be painted NATO Green as that was the colour of all MK2A LCP’s. While the old paint is coming off new paint is going on, mainly corrosion treatment and primer.

LCP Cabin 13_08_2016 wm.jpg
Current Status of Paintwork

A tin of NATO Green has been purchased for colour checking which has led to a surprise and a little concern as it’s not the same NATO Green as previously used on the LCP and T86. This photo shows a test area in one of the LCP’s cable ducts painted with ‘new’ NATO Green with the T86 in the background previously painted NATO Green and they are NOT the same colour and we painted the T86 in 2013 to make it more presentable.

NATO Green Compare.jpg

NATO Green Test.jpg

We are now looking at why our new tin of NATO Green has a definite brown tint as compared to the original. We have used different paint suppliers but both paints have the same colour code – BS381C, Colour 285. See photo of a van painted NATO Green, it has a definite brown tinge compared to colour of the LCP and the T86 we painted previously. IRR NATO Green has the same colour code and BS number as ordinary NATO Green. A conversation with a paint supplier will be had when they return from holiday in a weeks’ time. In the meantime we have acquired a tin of IRR NATO Green as supplied to the MOD so we’ll test that next week.

When checking the RGB numbers for 285 it definitely gives a brownish colour. A colour mystery, have a view on our NATO Green problem?

…. and a big thank you to the scraping and painting team, Pete, Neil, Ian and Dave.

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