Work Day August 20

More of the same;  scraping and painting, but progress continues. The main panels on the  right hand side of the cabin have now been primed and the more ‘fiddly’ painting in the cable ducts carried out which seems to take ages for small areas.

LCP RH End 1 wm.jpg

Neil and Dave dutifully carried on paint scraping on the front of the cabin.

LCP Cabin Front wm.jpg

Repainting the panels holding the cable outlets is a challenge, original paint being grey Hammerite. Painting Hammerite on a flat surface is fine but not on a panel where you have brush strokes in different directions to get around screw heads and sockets etc.

LCP RH End 4 wm.jpg


LCP RH End 2 wm.jpg


LCP RH End 3 wm.jpg

The challenge remains – repaint the LCP before the cold weather sets in.


When I returned home Mike S had sent me an email on the subject of NATO Green paint as to us there appears to be two different NATO Green colours. One is as we Bloodhound guys remember which was definitely green while new tins of NATO Green can be more brownish than green.  RGB: 50, 66, 39 gives us the green version we expect and but RGB: 87; 86; 74 is a definite ‘brownish’ green but correct according the BS colour chart, colour 285. We have two spec’s for NATO Green but why? Does anyone know? This is what we would have expected: Expected NATO Green.

Nato Green