Work Day 27 August

Just reporting further progress on repainting the cable ducts on the right hand side of the LCP cabin. All the plug and socket mounting panels have been repainted in grey Hammerite and a top coat applied to the cable ducts and surrounds. Additional priming of the cable duct covers was also carried out.

LCP Cabin Plugs and Sockets 1.jpg   LCP Cabin Cable Ducts 4.jpg

Repainting is showing results and is a major improvement on the original condition of the LCP.

LCP Cabin RH Side wm

The NATO Green saga: I opened a donated tin of NATO Green today after believing that the previous NATO Green was too brown. The new tin of NATO Green was also used to put two comparison blotches on the LCP’s original paintwork; it is more like a ‘green’ but I have also realised that the colour of primer/undercoat alters the green colour. I have yet to try the original tin of NATO Green again but the current tin is what I expect NATO Green to be.

The Instructor’s keyboard was playing up with some keys not registering in one row so back in the workshop:
– Remove all the key caps and cleaned
– A spot of switch cleaner/lubricator in each key
– Re solder suspected IC4 to sort any dry joint
– Re assemble and check every key

RUN key now OK as are others in the same row but on checking found that pressing the CRSR OFF key did absolutely nothing. Checked continuity on pressing the key, still nothing. Re soldered, still nothing. Removed the key ready for replacing and checked once removed and it ‘switched’. Re assembled and soldered back in and it works fine now. You tell me!!!!!! Anyway all keys now OK including the ALPHA LOCK (Caps Lock) key which I was previously aware of – it only worked intermittently.

Refitted the keyboard into the display console today and it is fine.  After successfully refurbishing the Instructor’s keyboard I have removed the Technical Suppervisor’s keyboard which will get the same treatment this week.

Had intended to measure up the LCP cabin roof lights in preparation for converting the current obsolete fluorescent tubes to a modern lighting system. Unfortunately I ran out of time so will carry out this task next week.

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