Work Day 3rd September

More on scraping and painting. Neil made good progress on the front of the cabin and in his words, ‘it should only take a couple more sessions to finish’, the front of the cabin that is.


I continued with repainting the cable ducts, finishing some work on the right hand side of the cabin and importantly starting the painting of the cable ducts on the left hand side.


Work also progressed on refurbishing the covers for the cable ducts. A set of covers were previously recovered from a derelict LCP and it is salvaging fittings from these that allow us to carry out repairs and replace such things as broken spring clips and catches.

LCP Cable Duct Covers 1 wm.jpg

Overall, the cabin repaint is progressing well and we look forward to the easy bit – applying the NATO green top coat. Military vehicle restorers use a 4” roller to apply top coats so we will do the same. As the LCP cabin is starting to be repainted its appearance looks to fully justify the repaint on which for the team has spent all summer on.

The Instructor’s and Tech. Sup’s keyboards were refitted and their appearance is much improved as the grime accumulated over the years has been removed.

Inst and TS Keyboards wm.jpg

A discussion on the LCP’s internal lighting has taken place. The original fluorescent tube lighting is energy hungry, runs hot (especially the ballast chokes) and needs updating. The appearance will stay as original but the tubes, ballasts  and starters will be replaced with a modern equivalent.  Our LCP cabin lights had two styles of diffuser fitted, plus several were missing. If anyone has experience of moulding plastic/acetate sheet into a curved profile with a closed end, please get in touch. The light fittings will need removing and refurbished over the coming winter.

LCP Light Fitting 1 wm.jpg

LCP Light Diffuser 2 wm.jpg

Light measurements are:

  • Hole in roof for fitting: Length 603mm x width 80mm
  • Protrusion of tube from roof line is 43mm
  • Diffuser is therefore 606mm long, 102mm wide and 43mm deep

The simulator had its weekly run and while the LCP is ‘operational’ the instructors monitor has gone U/S as it blows its mains fuse at switch on. The monitor has been removed for fault finding in the hope that the fault is caused by something replaceable rather than a non-available and obsolete part. You will be kept informed on progress re repairing the monitor.

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