Work Day 10th September

The monitor that went U/S on the previous Saturday has now been repaired and is back in the display console. We did have some problems with this monitor previously with varying brilliance and colour balance. Following the repair these problems no longer occur, the display quality of this monitor is good, after a short warm up period. The fault with the monitor was a short circuit diode on the power supply’s bridge rectifier. While on the subject of monitors there are a couple of jobs to do as the vertical sync ‘wanders’ on the Tech. Sup’s display and the vertical sync also loses lock and the screen scrolls for a few minutes after switch on before settling down. Suspected setting up issues.

Thoughts and some action continues on the internal lights of the LCP cabin. The original light fittings are obsolete and inefficient, never mind that the wire wound choke gets hot and is a potential fire risk as it ages. Not a good position to be in as the chokes are contained within the cabin’s ceiling void. The plan is to replace the lights with a ‘look alike’ LED fitting or use the existing fittings and rebuild with LED lighting components. The main problem with using the existing light fittings is the need to replace most of the light diffusers which are either missing or cracked. The diffusers are very obsolete items, how we can make our own is the question.

The paint scraping of the LCP cabin walls is almost complete, just one more session needed according to Neil who is now our ‘expert’ paint scraper. In removing paint we have not only exposed the 41 Sqn badge on the escape door but also the extent of damage to the cabin received over its years in service. Obviously a lot of dents and gouges have been inflicted on the cabin. Much of the original dent filling now needs some re filling and/or repairing. A job which started on Saturday. Pete M carried on with priming roof catches and corrosion treating those catches recently cleaned of paint. Completed cable ducts and plug covers are now looking good after restoration. We also hung a 41 Sqn badge on the cabin end as a replacement for the badge that was eliminated during paint removal.

LCP Cabin Corrosion Treatment.jpg       LCP Cabin Damage 1.jpg

LCP Cabin Damage 2.jpg

LCP Cabin End 41 Sqn.jpg

LCP Cabin Refurb Cable Outlets.jpg

The simulator remains serviceable but requires some monitor setting up as described.

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