Out with the begging bowl!

I have a request for donations of obsolete items that folk may have squirrelled away. The specific items needed to maintain the Argus 700 are as follows:
Archive 2060L QIC02 60MB Tape Drive
Archive 2150L QIC02 150MB Tape Drive
Also iterested in any other 60Mb/150M QIC-02 tape drive
DC600 1/4″ Tapes
DC6150 1/4″ Tapes
Seagate Hawk ST31200N 1.2Gb Winchester Disk
Seagate Hawk ST31230N 1.05GB Winchester Disk
Seagate Barracuda ST32171N 2.6Gb Winchester Disk
Also interested in any SCSI-2 (50 Pin) Winchester Disk with capacity 1Gb to 4 Gb
The Argus uses a wealth of 74 series TTL devices and we are wanting to ensure we have a good stock so please dig deep and help us to maintain the kit.