Work Day 2nd October

Three squadron badges adorn the right hand end of the LCP cabin. Namely 25, 41 and 85 squadrons. These being the known squadrons on which our LCP (Ser. No. 1022) was used. If anyone has evidence that 1022 was used  on 33, 65 or 112 squadrons then their badges will be added.

LCP Squadron Badges wm.jpg

For something different I took the opportunity to clean up some T86 items in there, namely M Rack (Range Clamp). The external surfaces of M Rack needed a good clean but the internals are as new.



The defective display console monitor (no Vertical Hold) has been removed from the LCP and is now in 2nd Line. It will be tested with the spare set of CHARGE cards to resolve the problem.

At the same time we are investigating the requirements for converting the video system from RGB (with a specification close to TV PAL standards) to VGA as part of our obsolescence pre-planning. The biggest risk for us are the large Mitsubishi CRT displays; the CRTs are not available anymore.

Last activity of the day was to rub down the left hand side of the LCP cabin ready for repainting on the next Cosford visit.


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