Work Day 8th October 2016

A day of painting as priming and top coats are applied to the LCP cabin after months of preparation. The left hand end of the LCP cabin is now primed and cable duct surrounds painted. The front of the cabin is now fully primed and awaits a top coat and a top coat was applied to the left hand end of the cabin. The improvement in the external condition of the LCP cabin can only be appreciated when compared to its condition when recovered.

LCP Before Recovery wm.jpg

LCP Cabin Left wm.jpg

Spot the difference between what our LCP looked like before recovery and now.

LCP Original wm.jpg   LCP Cabin Right Final Coat wm.jpg

Cable connector panels looking good!

LCP Cabin Left Cable Duct 2 wm.jpg      LCP Cabin Left Cable Duct 1 wm.jpg


Off-site work: The last week has seen one of the display monitors in 2nd Line (Pete Harry’s spare bedroom below).

Diplay Monitor Workshop wm.jpg

This report shows the faulty Mitsubishi C-3920 monitor on test. The monitor is connected to a set of CHARGE cards to provide a valid RGB video signal. The laptop on top of the Argus (Argus is not in use) is the host for a USB PicoScope oscilloscope. Other interesting items in the photo include an FT81 monitor and an ME159 Monitor Panel, there will be more on the monitor panel and its use over the coming winter months. At the time of writing a part is awaited that should resolve the problem of a lack of a Vertical Sync on the monitor. 2nd line looks to be a cluttered workshop but it has already achieved the successful repair of another Mitsubishi C-3920, Argus 700 cards, CHARGE Pixel Store among other units and numerous Farnell G Series power supplies.

The simulator was not run up as both Pete H and Pete M were too busy painting!