Work Day 15th October 2016

The on-site work remains focused on the restoration and re painting of the LCP cabin. The fittings securing the roof to the cabin sides were painted. The E.C.’s door was stripped of paint by Neil, being careful not to damage the window or its seal. Once that job was completed Neil made a start on the steel base ring (not actually a ring), the condition of the steel ring apart from the corner of the LCP where the corner of the LCP was buried in the ground before recovery. Being mild steel it suffered from being buried!

LCP Cabin Front 1 wm.jpg

Away at 2nd Line (Pete’s spare room!) the U/S display monitor was repaired. It was a faulty 74LS221 device on the monitor’s deflection PCB which once replaced confirmed it was the cause of no Vertical Sync. That makes two monitors repaired in the last month.