Work Day 22nd October 2016

Progress on the LCP cabin refurbishment continues, as it has done for many months this year. While yet more priming and painting took place the main effort was on refurbishing the steel support frame around the base of the LCP cabin. Besides the usual paint removal and corrosion treatment the main challenge was to repair a hole in the support frame. The hole was caused by corrosion after the LCP was left  on soft earth for many years, the result of which was that the left hand end of the cabin sank in to the ground and as we know, steel buried in wet soil corrodes. The hole does not affect the structural strength of the frame. Photos show a typical before and after of the repair to the hole. At the end of the day the simulator was given a run and all remains serviceable. Due to the ongoing cabin restoration it has been a few weeks since the simulator was run so it was encouraging to see its reliability is good – compared to the early days of the restoration project.

Hole in LCP Cabin Base Support wm.jpg

LCP Cabin Base Support Repaired wm.jpg

Away from Cosford a power supply in 2nd Line needed repairing – no output, it was a Farnell G Series 12 volt, 10 amp unit. No attempt to fault find was made as there is no point until all original bead tantalum capacitors have been changed. The four tantalums being changed the power supply was serviceable once more! It is the assumption that electrolytic capacitors are a problem if power supplies are out of use for a long time, not so for the Farnell power supplies, it is the tantalums. Several Farnell power supplies are in use in 2nd Line to run various test set rigs and act as spares for the LCP.

The LCP continues to be serviceable.

LCP Simulator Serviceable 22-10-2016 wm.jpg

Neil and Pete M were refurbishing the support frame while Pete H continued with the painting.

LCP Cabin Restoration Progress wm.jpg