Work Day 5th November 2016

On site the work continued on the LCP cabin and work also recommenced on the T86.

On the LCP, progress was made on refurbishing the steel base ring/support. During the LCP’s period ‘in store’ it was not supported off the ground with the usual wooden baulks, it rested on soft earth and over time the steel base ring sunk into the ground which being steel corroded. The process of restoring the steel base ring involves removing paint and corrosion, treating the corrosion, filling to give a smooth surface  and repainting.
LCP Base Ring 2 wm.jpg

A start has been made on replacing the fluorescent tubes with LED tubes in the LCP. Two lights have now been updated to LED following some testing with various options over the past few weeks. The LED’s are identical to the original tube in luminosity and colour of light.

LCP LED Lights 1 wm.jpg

The task undertaken on the T86 was making a start on removing the wiring to the running lights on the cabin, the braided sheath is badly corroded with three of the four running lights on the top corners of the cabin damaged and badly corroded.

T86 Cable Braid Sheeth 2 wm.jpg

The Simulator in the LCP was run up and remains serviceable.

A busy day finished off with a pub lunch and a couple of pints in the afternoon, a good day.