Work Day 12th November 2016

Work on the LCP cabin continues as it was agreed that, rather than digress onto interesting jobs needed on the T86 radar, we would remain focused on the LCP and get it finished first.

Neil continued restoring the LCP’s base ring and lifting eyes, removing paint and corrosion. This photo of a lifting eye after Neil’s attention clearly shows the attention to detail and the corrosion pitting which will be treated before replacing.

LCP Lifting Eye 1 wm.jpg

Work has started on removing paint from the LCP roof; thankfully it has few coats of paint  compared to the cabin walls.

LCP Roof.jpg

The problem exposed when removing paint on the cabin roof was the number of rivet heads that have corroded through and broken off. Once the paint has been comlpetely removed there will be a program of rivet replacement. Another area  where rivets have corroded are the securing plates for the canvas that covers the roof joins.

LCP Corroded Rivets 1wm.jpg


LCP Corroded Rivets 3 wm.jpg