Work Day 26th November 2016

Two jobs completed – paint removal from the LCP roof and the replacement of all corroded rivets on roof panels.

All original paint has now been removed from the LCP, an essential task due to the poor condition of the paintwork. Rubbing down the cabin and just doing a repaint was not an option due to its condition and the facilities available meant removing all the paint by hand, a job that has taken many Saturdays  during this year. We can now continue with the repaint but as we are now in the winter months attention has to be paid to the air temperature as there is no heating! The majority of paint scraping has been carried out by Neil.

At least half of the rivets securing the roof panels to the roof sections have been replaced, the heads had simply corroded off the original aluminium rivets due to water ingress through cracks in the paint. Pete M arrived yesterday suitably armed with an industrial grade riveter. Further rivet replacement are required on the joins of the three roof sections as the majority of the countersunk rivets for the plates to secure the roof canvas (removed) that covers the roof joins are badly corroded.

Photos from yesterday to illustrate the progress being made.

LCP Roof - New Rivets (Small).JPGLCP Roof – New Rivets

LCP Canvas Securing Plates (Small).JPG
LCP Canvas Securing Plates

LCP Roof Pete and Neil (Small).JPG
LCP Roof Pete and Neil at work

LCP Roof Stripped of Paint (Small).JPG
LCP Roof Stripped of Paint