Work Day 10th December 2016

The LCP is now fully primed and good headway made with detailing the finish coat.

LCP Cabin Primed 1 wm.jpg

Additional painting on Saturday was not possible. Following the cold spell and then the relatively warm wet weather last week it was not only cold in the hangar but very damp. With further painting on hold  work was focused on removing more of the canvas securing plates and the refitting of the cabin lifting plates. The original canvas, covering the two roof joins, was removed some time ago as it was completely rotten and the canvas securing plates now need refurbishing before any repainting is carried out. Neil completed refurbishing and the refitting the four LCP lifting plates. This photo of a lifting plate shows how they are also used to secure the LCP axles.

LCP Refurbished Lifting Plate wm.jpg

The LCP axles were manufactured by the BMPG so that the LCP can be moved around the hangar without the need to hire a crane!

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