Work Day 7th January 2017

Back to work in the New Year.  Neil completed removing  the mounting brackets for the LCP cabin awning supports, a total of 48 brackets have been removed.

Awning Support Mounting Bracket wm.jpg

Why remove the brackets? Two reasons; it allows for easier refurbishment and re painting of the supports and brackets, also, the nuts and bolts were badly corroded and needed replacing anyway;  the corrosion was hidden by coats of paint.

Awning Support to Bracket Bolt wm.jpg

Removing the nuts and bolts from the brackets was not easy due to corroded split pins on the castellated nuts. After using a nut splitter Neil resorted to the solution of breaking off the split pins and then used brute force to unscrew the nuts past the remains of the split pin. Neil in action below removing awning support mounting brackets.

Removing Awning support Mounting Brackets wm.jpg

I (Pete H)  busied myself with the ongoing filling of dents in the LCP cabin to ensure the cabin walls are as smooth as possible before repainting. It is not a case of removing dents the cabin would have received in RAF service but dents that have been inflicted on the cabin since 1991 when perhaps the care needed to move the LCP without damaging its thin skin was not a major consideration.

LCP Cabin Front Dents Filled wm.jpg

Cable ducts are receiving their final coats of paint and this photo illustrates an odd problem; the metal sheet on which the plugs and sockets are mounted were originally grey ‘hammered’ Hammerite paint. This paint is being used for the refurbishment but for whatever reason the hammered effect cannot be created on the cable panels that are not vertical (or horizontal). Something to do with skin tension of the paint?

LCP Cable Ducts wm.jpg

We ran the system for a few hours to warm everything though; it booted with no trouble and the monitors were fine but we’ll keep an eye on them.