Work Day 14th January 2017

A very cold day in the hangar so there were two volunteers who grabbed a heat gun each and continued with the paint stripping on the canvas cover support frames. A slow and laborious job but at least you can warm your hands now and then. Neil and Dave crafted a specialised work bench to hold the brackets and woolly hats were the order of the day.

Preparing LCP Canvas Cover Supports wm.jpg

A check was made on ‘do we have the right number of rubber covers for all the plug and socket outlets’? Quite a few of these covers were missing when the LCP was first acquired but replacement covers were salvaged from a derelict LCP shell a couple of years ago.  The accompanying photo shows all the rubber covers, now refurbished, with new attachment lanyards. All ready for refitting.

Refurbished Plug Socket Covers wm.jpg

A start has already been made on refurbishing the covers for the LCP cable ducts and that work will now continue. Tasks include; replacing missing securing latches, replacing rubber seals, replacing many of the broken covers for the latch key holes. One task is to replace the missing part of the cover from the power inlet duct. A folding cover of which the bottom half was missing. A replacement has been obtained but it needs a major refurbish before it can be fitted.

LCP Cable Duct Covers 2 wm.jpg

The team on Saturday was Dave, Neil and Pete H, The LCP was not run up on Saturday.

No work day this coming Saturday (21st) due to other commitments.

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