Work Day 28th January 2017

A good day with a team of four in action, Pete M, Ian, Neil and Pete H on the continuing task of restoring the LCP cabin and its fittings. Ian and Pete M spent the morning finishing filling and smoothing the cabin skin, finally apply primer to repaired areas.


The rest of the time being spent on the cable duct covers and fittings for the LCP cabin. The ravages of many years in the open have taken their toll of the various components attached to the LCP cabin.

The cable duct covers have already been partly restored but many of the fittings they contain are missing, damaged or badly corroded. Yesterday saw the final audit of component parts to check if we have enough salvaged spares (from a derelict LCP) to get all fittings in these covers back to an A1 condition. All bolts, nuts, washers etc. are being replaced with new and the audit confirmed we have enough parts.

This photos shows an original cable duct cover with its deteriorated seals, a missing lock and corrosion on the non-alloy parts.

Cable Duct Cover wm.jpg

A second photo shows the collection of salvaged parts to make good the original covers.

Salvaged parts for Cable Duct Covers wm.jpg

The simulator was run up and remains serviceable.

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