Work Day 18th February 2017

The main task was to complete the restoration of several budget locks for the LCP cabin’s cable duct covers. Some of the original budget locks were very badly corroded and are being replaced with second hand locks which in turn are corroded but not as bad as the originals! Accompanying photos show the ‘new’ budget locks de rusted, cleaned and primed, note the pitting and wastage cause by corrosion.

Cleaned Budget Locks wm.jpg

Budget Locks Primed wm.jpg

Budget lock fitted to a dust cover:

Duct Cover - Positioning Budget Lock wm.jpg

Tasks are also being carried out on the T86 cabin, the latest being the restoring of the lenses for the main lights on the cabin. Copious amounts of paint stripper were used to remove paint to get them to the condition shown in the accompanying photo.

T86 Light Lenses wm.jpg

Off-site work continues with development of test equipment for the Argus computer peripherals. We have schematic and component placement diagrams but no test specifications.

The main effort at this time is development of a PeriBus simulator, the aim being to create a test set to fault find on the Argus 700’s I/O system. Accompanying photos show the current status of the PeriBus Simulator, built from TTL on prototyping boards and an Analogue I/O chassis under test. The Analogue I/O chassis has just the Serial to Parallel PeriBus Converter card (on an Extender Card) and a Termination card fitted to allow testing of the Serial to Parallel PeriBus Converter which is known to be U/S. Currently the PeriBus Simulator is working in that it provides the correct bus timing and logic, it is now a case of creating a test routine. Logic levels created by the PeriBus Simulator are being ‘scoped’ on the Serial to Parallel PeriBus Converter card. Obviously this is still work in progress.

PeriBus Simulator wm.jpg

Serial to Parallel Peribus Converter wm.jpg

Yet more pop rivets, nuts and bolts have been acquired in preparation for reassembling the fittings to the LCP cabin.

The LCP cabin was heated for the day but the simulator was not run.