Work Day 25th February 2017

Neil and Pete H. focused their activities around two main tasks yesterday – completing the priming of cable duct covers and their fittings and more importantly a start was made on repairing some damage to the frame of the LCP cabin.

Damage was caused to the cabin frame when the cabin was being lifted without a spreader bar. The damage occurred several years ago but as restoration of the cabin will be completed over the next few months the time had come to carry out the frame repairs. The photo shows the section of the cabin’s frame most severely damaged being straightened before the skin is repaired.

LCP Cabin - Repairing Damage wm.jpg

Here are the LCP cabin awning support frames and below the cable duct covers after priming or part primed, they’ll be as good as new!


LCP Cabin Cable Duct Covers - Primed wm.jpg

The simulator was run up and ran for 2.5 hours without any problems. One reason for running the simulator was to test a Serial to Parallel PeriBus card, three of these cards are used in the I/O rack for the Argus 700. The card being tested had been repaired using the developed PeriBus simulator which sends the correct logic and timing to a Serial to Parallel PeriBus card (and other I/O cards) for bench testing. The repairs carried out to the card were the replacement of two TTL devices and re soldering of a dry joint. The repaired card ran in the simulator with no problems so has been declared ‘Serviceable’.



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