Work Day 4th March 2017

No photos with the report this week.

Neil and Pete H. carried out an assessment of the most damaged (bent) part on the LCP’s cabin frame. While the simply bent ‘U’ channelling of the frame can be pulled straight there are two sections where the ‘U’ channel has been folded in on itself. After some consideration Neil and I came to the conclusion that the folded over sections of the frame will need replacing. So, by next week we will source aluminium strip and angle to fabricate these two sections of damaged frame. A start on repairing the ‘U’ channelling will be made next Saturday.

The simulator was run up and it remains fully serviceable. We also tested two suspect WEETABIX cards and the PeriBus Termination card, the latter being serviceable but the WEETABIX cards were unserviceable. The cards were removed from the Argus 700 I/O system some time ago as being in an unknown or ‘U/S’ condition so this was a double check. The WEETBIX cards will now be checked out in Pete’s workshop (AKA spare bedroom) and hopefully repaired. One WEETABIX has one of the two channels U/S and the second appears to have a permanent BUSY set on the PeriBus.

The day was mainly taken up by priming the numerous brackets for the rails for the canvas awning (must be 100 of them) and stripping paint from the rails themselves. Not a favourite occupation but it has to be done.