Work Day 18th March 2017

A milestone was reached yesterday – the last of the LCP cabin canvas awning frames was stripped of paint. The original LCP paintwork was in such poor condition everything is being taken back to bare metal.

LCP Cabin Canvas Frame Paint Stripping wm.jpg
There are now only a few small items left to restore, paint strip and prepare for priming, and all the LCP cabin fittings will be ready for re assembling.
Repairing one of the damaged sections to the frame of the LCP cabin has commenced, there are two, and we are pleased with the results. See accompanying photo.

LCP Cabin Frame Fabrication 2 wm.jpg
Back at the workshop more work on the PeriBus simulator has been carried out, using an Arduino to set the logic levels for addressing and data on the PeriBus. A set of CHARGE cards has been brought back from the LCP for testing the failed monitor in the workshop. A case of confirming if the flyback transformer is responsible for the failure, hope not.

PeriBus Simulator Rig wm.jpg
Next week we shall be re-assembling and painting.