Work Day 25th March 2017

Saturday was a painting and refurb day for Dave and I as someone (me – Pete H) forgot  the LCP frame repair kit – a collection of tools and pop rivets that I’d taken home the week before.

Dave cleaned and prime the LCP roof joining sections in readiness for repainting. He then spent a happy few hours completing the de rusting, cleaning and priming all the plates used to secure the canvas cover for the two LCP’s roof joins, there are only fifty eight of them! Unfortunately the original canvas roof join covers were completely rotten but have been
salvaged to use as templates for new covers.

The refurb of the LCP door vents is almost complete, they were in desperate need of a refurbishment.

Door Vent - Original Condition wm.jpg

A replacement louvre for one of the vents was cleaned and primed. The replacement louvre recovered from a derelict LCP cabin as the operating arm on the original louvre was broken.

Here is work in progress and the refurbished item:

Cleaning LCP Door Vent Cover wm.jpg Refurbished LCP Door Vent Cover wm.jpg

The fly mesh is beyond a refurb as seen above! In cleaning the door vent louvre we uncovered the makers name ‘Greenwood’ and a quick web search found that the company still exists (I assume it’s the same company) see product as this has a louvre very similar to the LCP door vent.

The twelve awning support frames for the LCP cabin roof are now primed and ready for a top coat.

LCP Cabin Roof Joint Canvas Securing Plates wm.jpg

These are just the frames on the top of the cabin roof, the eight side frames have already been refurbished and primed.

LCP Cabin Roof Joint wm.jpg

The Mitsubishi video monitor that failed is still in repair. Luckily we do have the circuit diagram but no spare parts. The fault is probably in the power supply but a Line Output Transformer (LOPT) would have been ideal to swap out but not yet found!

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