Work Day 8th April 2017 – Pt 1 Mechanical

Painting and Scraping

Work has started on the preparation needed to repaint the LCP roof. When the many coats of paint were being removed, with a heat gun and scraping, a significant number of rivet heads came off. The reason being that the hole in the centre of the pop rivets had not been sealed and over the years water ingress into the centre of the rivet had caused the aluminium shaft of the rivet to corrode through. All the pop rivets that had lost their tops through corrosion had previously been replaced but the task on Saturday was to seal the tops of the replacement and original pop rivets to prevent any future water ingress. Isopon car body filler was used for this purpose. Next Neil used ‘wet and dry’ paper to rub down the roof, with plenty of wet, and is now ready to receive its coat of primer next Saturday. Neil also worked on creating a cover for the LCP roof to protect it from dust once repainting starts in earnest.

The underside of the steel section around the base of the LCP cabin was given a good going over with a ‘stripping disk’ (far superior to a wire brush for flat surfaces) and once cleaned of any corrosion and loose paint received corrosion treatment before primer will be applied next Saturday. Generally, the underside of the LCP is in a good condition considering its age and the years it spent dumped on the bare earth, subject to whatever the weather could throw at it. Two accompanying photos show the two worst cases of corrosion found, both at the ends of the LCP, these areas will be treated and repaired. The underside of the LCP is constructed from a perforated steel sheet on which five steel skids are fixed. The perforated steel sheet is covered in what looks like a resin coating, this can be seen in  one of the attached photos where the steel sheet has been punctured at some time in the past.

LCL Cabin Underside 3 wm.jpg


LCL Cabin Underside 4 wm.jpg

It was also decided that items that can be refurbished away from Cosford, e.g. cable duct covers, will be done so. All work at Cosford is then concentrated on the LCP cabin and the T86 cabin in its turn.


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