Work Day 8th April 2017 – Pt 2 Technical

Engagement Controller’s Monitor

Following the changing of the Technical Supervisor’s monitor the previous Saturday the EC’s monitor went a bit ‘funny’, the colour wasn’t right. After a short investigation of the obvious – and after the Red channel of the RGB video input disappeared – it was found that the Red channel termination switch, it switches in or out 75 Ohms, on the rear of the monitor had been switched over or stuck in the middle. Obviously accidently touched the pervious Saturday. With the switch now in correct position the monitor display is back to normal. We like these sorts of ‘faults’; keeps us on our toes!

Displays with SCSISD wm.jpg

After successfully formatting the SCSISD, see previous blog, and loading it with the Bloodhound software (SCSISD is a SCSI-2 hard disk emulator, it replaces a SCSI disk with a micro SD card!) in the workshop it was time to see if would run the LCP – answer; it does. The SCSISD is not as fast to boot the LCP as the original SCSICF product (CF card) we used for SCSI-2 disk emulation but it works! Slower it may be but still a lot faster than the original CDC Winchester disk. The SCSISD emulator is about a sixth of the cost of the SCSICF emulator but there is a very good reason for this. SCSISD is an open source item aimed initially at the Amiga computer (yes the original Amiga) whereas the SCSICF product is aimed at mission critical applications in industry. For our use the SCSISD is fine as the days of the LCP being ‘mission critical’ have long gone. Performance of the SCSISD is less than the SCSICF at boot but the LCP appears to perform normally when using the SCSISD, see the accompanying photos of the displays running with SCSISD and the SCSISD card under test in the Argus 700 disk/tape shelf. One issue with SCSISD is that on switching on the Argus the Argus has to receive a reset before it boots from the SCSISD. This issue will be looked at but if it turns out to be a ‘feature’ of the SCSISD it is not a problem, particularly where costs are involved.

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