Work Day 15th April 2017

Wishing all our readers a very happy and peaceful Easter time.

Two jobs carried out yesterday:
Neil cleaned the LCP roof of any dust residue from the rubbing down and primed the roof ready for a top coat.

LCP Roof Primed wm.jpg

I  (Peter H.) gave most of the LCP cabin awning frames their first top coat.

LCP Awning Support Frames wm.jpg

Neil also stuck together three dust sheets to provide a dust cover for the LCP to protect it as painting the roof has now started and there’s a lot of dust in the hangar!

Off-site the cable duct covers have now received their second top coat and preparation is under way to renew their rubber seals and replace the chrome lock covers.

Here is a photograph of the LCP as recovered from a a field is included with this blog to illustrate its condition in its original ‘abandoned’ state. Watch this space for a comparison with the completed article. The eagle-eyed will spot the T86 behind the LCP in both this picture and the one at the top; that has changed beyond recognition too but not so advanced.

From This - LCP wm.jpg