Work Day 13th May 2017

Neil was back in action yesterday after organising the Iron Bridge Walking Festival and he immediately volunteered to continue fitting the securing plates for the canvas roof section covers the Pete M had started.

LCP Fitting Canvas Securing Plates wm.jpg

A time consuming and frustrating job of fitting and riveting 58 plates when no two plates are the same. The plates were obviously hand crafted when the LCP cabin was originally manufactured!

LCP Canvas Cover Securing Plate wm.jpg

The twenty LCP awning frames where finally completed after they were stripped, primed and received two top coats, a job which seemed to take forever.

LCP Awning Frames - Finished wm.jpg

As the LCP is being reassembled thoughts turn to the T86. The cabin of the T86 is in much better condition that the LCP cabin so the main tasks will be refurbishing the aerial assemble and the trailer chassis for the T86 seen here.

T86 Underside of Chassis wm.jpg

Away from the coalface work continues with the various LCP cabin fittings. Yesterday the two LCP door vents were returned to Cosford after refurbishment which included new fly screens seen below sporting new silicone rubber seals that were generously donated and fibreglass screen material so corrosion shouldn’t be a problem in future! The original metal fly screens had disintegrated due to corrosion.

Door Vent Fly Screen 1 wm.jpg