Work Day 20th May 2017

Work continues on refurbishment of the LCP Cabin with Pete M completing the fitting of the 58 securing plates for the roof joins. It was a case of saving the worst till last as all the plates were originally hand fitted to rough measurements, semmingly no part drawing used here! Neil busied himself on some touch up priming of new rivet heads on the roof before a second top coat is applied. Neil was also in charge of a general sort out of our tool and consumables store. One objective was to find all the LCP cabin parts that had been put somewhere safe ‘never to be seen again’. Fortunately everything previously placed in a safe place has been found. The decision was also made to focus on completing the cabin roof section as soon as possible so that all the awning rails can be refitted.

Refurbishing the cable duct covers continued off site and are are having all the components refurbished or replaced including refurbished budget locks, new rubber bumpers, refurbished chrome covers for the budget lock key holes and new seals.

LCP Cabin Cable Duct Cover Refurb 1 (Medium).JPG    LCP Cabin Cable Duct Cover Refurb 2 (Medium).JPG

The first completed cover was refitted on Saturday., all clearly shown in this  photo below. The refitting of the cover was to check the new seals on the cover were sized correctly and then sealed the cable duct when locked down.  Everything on the cabin is being refurbished ‘as new’ from the factory. The cabin is not going to be sprayed all over as it was by the RAF the highlights like chrome covers will be left as highlights.

LCP Cabin Cable Duct Cover Refurb Fitted 1 (Medium).JPG

It may be or interest that our LCP, Serial No. 1022, is being refurbished with some parts from derelict LCP’s 1006 and 1019, these parts replacing any that were missing or broken on 1022.

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