Work Day 27th May 2017

Another Saturday and another step forward in reassembling the LCP. Neil was busy with the paint brush again as we continue with the painting of the LCP roof panels prior to fitting the awning rails. I cleaned and prepared some fittings but the main task was to start refitting the door vents – photos below show the kit of parts and one of the renovated vents fitted.

LCP Cabin Door Vent Kit of Parts wm.jpg


LCP Cabin Door Vent 2 wm.jpg

Door vents now fitted and the weather proofing cover will be fitted on the next work day.

Offsite work continues with  refurbishing the cable duct covers; this photo shows the typical original condition.

LCP Duct Covers Original Condition wm.jpg

A cover for the firing lines was test fitted yesterday as seen here.

LCP Duct Cover Firing Lines wm.jpg

Test fitting checks the seals (do they seal?) and locking down the cover with its budget locks. The firing lines cover sealed and fitted OK but only locks down in one position, obviously some hand crafting during the original manufacture of the LCP!

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