Work Day 17th June 2017

It was a return to normal at the site yesterday following an absence of a couple of weeks due to family commitments and a short period when access was not available. The day started with a general clear up and sort out but it was soon back to work on the day’s tasks which was to carry on painting with Neil painting the rear and top of the roof. Painting is done by hand with a 4” roller; as per the technique used by military vehicle restorers.

Painting the rear of the LCP Cabin wm.jpg


I busied myself (Pete H) with re fitting the covers on the LCP cabin door vents.

LCP Door - Vent Cover Refitted wm.jpg

and then trial fitted the refurbished mains duct cover on the LCP cabin.

LCP Cabin - Mains cable Duct Cover wm.jpg

The objective of the trial being to see if the cover fitted fitted and to work out the positioning of the locking brackets. Why a trial? When our LCP was recovered the bottom section of the mains cover was missing and a replacement was salvaged from a derelict LCP. In theory it should fit but we have seen evidence that there had been a degree of ‘hand crafting’ during LCP construction [what happened to interchangeability – Ed]. Anyway, the only problem was the latch that secures the lower half of the cover needs a bush to raise it a couple of millimetres so that the bottom half of the cover can be safely secured when folded back.

Work on site may have been limited but a lot of work has continued off site to complete the refurbishment of all the cable duct covers and other fittings; work which is almost complete.

Here are a number of cabin fittings getting a good dose of drying weather,

LCP Cabin Fittings Refurbished wm.jpg

Here we show a before and after of a firing line cover.

LCP Firing Line Duct Covers - Before and After wm.jpg

The budget locks illustrated are beyond restoration but do illustrate what the general condition of steel components is.

Budget Locks - Past Refurbishing wm.jpg

Restoration of the fittings on the LCP cabin involved a complete strip down and rebuild from bare metal, the LCP cabin is not a quick rub down and repaint!

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