Work Day 24/25th June 2017

Work on site took place on both days over the weekend. The priority on Saturday was to complete the painting of the roof side panels, ensuring they received at least two top coats. Once the roof side panels are painted the awning rails can be refitted. This photo shows detail of one of the refurbished mounts for the LCP Cabin awning frame mounting plate complete with shiny new bolts.

Detail of refurbished mount for LCP Cabin awning frame mounting plate wm.jpg

On Sunday the first awning frame was back on the cabin.

LCP Cabin - First awning frame refitted wm.jpg

The duct cover for the radar/comms cable duct has been refitted.

LCP Cabin radar and comms cable duct wm.jpg


The mains cable duct cover has it’s both locking arms fitted and checked.


LCP Cabin - Mains cable duct fitted wm.jpg

The next working session on site will see all the launcher and firing line duct covers fitted and hopefully further awning rails.

We hadn’t run the simulator for a few weeks as the LCP cabin refurbish is currently taking 100% of our time so the simulator was fired up for a check and all remains serviceable. The opportunity was taken to test two WEETABIX cards that were both suspected as being unserviceable; this was confirmed so these two cards will now be subject to fault finding in the workshop. Running suspect cards in the simulator gives error messages as below.  The messages that indicate which part of the WEETABIX card logic is most likely at fault. For information; WEETABIX is Ferranti slang for what is technically known as a ‘Dual Peribus high speed serial interface card. See details of the card in a technical blog to follow shortly.

CHARGE Errors 24_06_2017 wm.jpg


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