Work Day 8th July 2017

Another Saturday and another step forward. Two tasks were focused on, refitting the awning rails to the roof of the LCP cabin and refitting all the roof catches on the front of the cabin. Time was also available for some paint touch up.

As previously stated it is not a case of simply refitting items as all threaded holes have to be re tapped and plain holes reemed out which is where the time goes.

Fitting the awning rails also needed a puzzle to be solved as to which rail goes where as there are different sizes of rails and two types of mounting bracket with left and right variations! The photos show the LCP cabin with rails and catches fitted and detail of a roof bracket with two of the original bolts to illustrate the condition of the fittings that have been refurbished.

LCP Cabin Roof Awning Rails wm.jpg  LCP Cabin Front wm.jpg

LCP Cabin Roof Awning Bracket wm.jpg

Next week, the remaining roof awning frames will be refitted. The LCP is starting to look complete again and getting the fittings back on the LCP removes the risk of them getting damaged, lost etc.