Work Day 22nd July 2017 (Part 2)

The simulator was run up and gave errors, including a disk error. A reboot got the simulator running but the Argus’s SCSI tape controller gave an unusual indication in that four red LED’s were on rather than a single LED which is the normal status during operation. The photobelow  shows the Argus’s tape controller (single LED on), tape drive and SCSI 2 disk emulator. These ‘faults’ were resolved by Pete M who re seated the connectors on the SCSI ribbon cable. The simulator has now returned to a serviceable and reliable condition.

Argus CF Card in Rack wm.jpg

Pete M ran an exercise to check the operation of the T86 against a to non-coherent CW jammer. This accompanying photo shows the Jamming and Assessment display for such a jammer. This experiment will be reported separately.

Radar Display Non Coherent Jammer wm.jpg

Testing of Serial Cards in LCP
Two Dual High Speed Serial I/F cards have been held as U/S since being acquired, both confirmed as U/S when fitted to the LCP. These cards have a number of devices that are socketed on the PCB so these were removed in the workshop and sockets cleaned. Re testing the cards yesterday in the LCP proved that one is now serviceable and one still U/S. Further reports will cover the repair of the U/S card. An accompanying photo shows the computer racks and the serial interface cards are located in the chassis, second from the bottom of the rack nearest the door.

LCP Computer Racks wm.jpg

In the Workshop
Away from the LCP additional serviceable spares are being created and in the past week two Farnell 5V 60A power supplies have been refurbished and added to our spares stock. See accompanying photo. There are a total of fourteen Farnell G series power supplies used in the computer racks and display console.
Farnell 5V 60A PS wm.jpg

Work Day 22nd July 2017 (Part 1)

A busy day with lots achieved.

The focus of our restoration activity is now moving to the T86, it doesn’t mean work is complete on the LCP but it is sufficiently advanced so we can spend time on the T86 to do some of the big jobs that require the warmer weather of the summer months, e.g. painting.

LCP Cabin Restoration
The last awning rail has been fitted to the LCP cabin. The reason for not fitting this particular rail before was due to the mounting holes having a different thread diameter and new bolts had to be purchased. All other side rails are mounted using 1/4” UNF bolts, this one rail uses 5/16” UNF bolts. Obviously re threaded at some time in the past. The  photo shows the last rail in position and also the rear wall of the cabin which still needs painting, hopefully during the next two weeks.

LCP Cabin Last Awning Rail Fitted wm.jpg

Painting of the LCP cabin’s base support has started, see accompanying photo. It is being painted black as when stripping paint from the LCP cabin in revealed the original black paint. In service the RAF’s Painters and Finishers simply sprayed everything green!
LCP Cabin Painting Base wm.jpg

T86 Cabin Restoration
When recovered the T86 cabin was in a better condition than the LCP cabin so will not require a complete stripping of all paint That said, there is plenty to do on the T86 and a start has been now been made. The running lights are being removed for refurbishment by Pete M, see below.

T86 Refurbishing the Cabin wm.jpg

Neil has looked at the mechanism for lowering the pedestal so the seal can be checked. Neil’s first job is to remove the retraction motor that raises and lowers the pedestal as it appears to be seized.

A major task on the T86 cabin is the repair of the cabin roof around the base of the pedestal which has suffered some severe corrosion. The cabin roof is alloy apart from the roof under the pedestal. The photo below illustrates the severe corrosion of a section on the edge of the roof, already treated with a corrosion stabiliser.

T86 Wasted Steel Under Pedestal wm.jpg

Another significant task is to de rust and paint the floor of the T86. The corrosion is surface rust so a good scrape and some anti corrosion treatment will be a priority job. The photo below shows a section of floor, a wheel arch, which illustrates the general condition of the steel floor.

T86 Floor wm.jpg