Work Day 29 July 2017


LCP Cabin
A long outstanding job was completed on the LCP cabin, the rubbing down of the cabin rear wall ready for painting. Next Saturday the rear of the cabin will be primed before a final top coat is applied.

Type 86 Radar
We need to ‘hand crank’ the aerial pedestal retraction mechanism to check the pedestal seal is OK with the underside of the cabin roof. We will also need to fully retract the pedestal to move the T86 at some time in the future. Problem, the mechanism is seized. The pedestal motor and the gear box that drives the chain for winding down the pedestal has been exposed to the elements and hence corrosion the likely cause. It is not required that the motor ever works again but the gearbox must be usable.


T86 Pedestal Motor.jpg

The motor was removed and the next check revealed the gear box (below) was seized (probably the motor as well). It was a struggle to split the gear box which confirmed the damage done by water ingress.

T86 Pedestal Motor Gear Box.jpg

When the T86 was recovered the pedestal cover above the retraction motor was not sealed so water simply ran down the pedestal, under the cover and on to the retraction motor. Work now starts on refurbishing the gear box so the pedestal can be hand cranked. It was interesting to find that two gear wheels were made of paxolin so when the pedestal retraction was driven by the motor and if the limit micro switches failed then the paxolin gears would strip preventing the motor trying the drive the pedestal though the radar roof or floor.

Work has also started on preparing the aerial system for a repaint so it is the usual removing of lose paint, corrosion treatment, filling and rubbing down before we get anywhere near a paint brush! Neil is hard at it again!

Prep on T86 Ae.jpg

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