Work Day 26th August 2017

The main task today was to give the rear of the LCP cabin its first top coat of paint. As usual, what you think will be a quick job took most of the day but the accompanying photo shows the result. The paint is still wet hence the reflections. The photo also shows the axles used to move the LCP short distances when needed. A local mod that saves having to hire a crane every time the LCP needs to be moved!

LCP Cabin Rear Wall Painted wm.jpg

Last week we left the simulator with two faults, intermittent booting and a permanent ‘Mode Change Not Allowed’ message that prevents the simulator completing its switch on. The intermittent booting fault has been resolved by replacing the SCSI ribbon cable. The second fault is not so straight forward and fault finding continues. Today was all about painting so the Mode Change fault will be pursued next week. It’s hard not having test procedures!!