Work Day 21st October 2017

Now that the simulator start-up fault has been resolved it was time to put all resources back in to continuing the restoration of the LCP and the T86 cabins.

One outstanding task on the LCP cabin was to complete the painting of the cabin’s steel base band. The photo below shows the front elevation of the LCP with its ‘shiny’ black base band, a second photo showing restored roof catches.  Note, the awning is a temporary arrangement acting as a dust cover and the roof catches have yet to be screwed down.

LCP Cabin Restored wm.jpg

And here are just two of the restored roof catches. Both images illustrate the quality of the restoration being undertaken.

LCP Cabin Roof Catches Restored wm.jpg

T86 Radar
Water Ingress

The cabin roof section around the pedestal is fabricated from mild steel as opposed to the alloy construction of the rest of the cabin. As a result of the many years in open storage the sheet steel on the roof has become badly corroded and in one place seen below has corroded right through allowing water to enter the cabin roof section below the pedestal.

T86 Steel Roof wm.jpg

Neil investigated the hole in the roof section found it contained a substantial amount of water. The water has now been vacuumed out and an endoscope used to examine the roof void which revealed the void to be sound but obviously affected by years of water immersion. It was fortunate that water had not entered the cabin itself from the affected roof void. Repairing the pedestal roof section will be a priority task.

Cabin Floor
The original plywood that covered the cabin floor was removed some time ago as it was water saturated and completely rotten. Work has now started on replacing the flooring before vinyl can be laid. An accompanying photo shows Dave cutting out a large floor section and further images will be available as the new cabin floor takes shape.

T86 - New Floor wm.jpg

Air Conditioners

There is no plan to restore the original air conditioners in the cabin but they have been eased forward in their mounting to check the external seals. An important task as one of the main objectives is to ensure the T86 cabin is water tight in case it has to spend time in the open at some time in the future. Two accompanying photos show the air conditioners pulled forward (with thanks to the guys on our Facebook page for their assistance with the process of extracting the ACUs )

T86 AC Unit wm.jpg

There is certainly evidence of water ingress in the drawer void.

T86 Draw Space wm.jpg

The seals were found to be in good condition so the assumption is that water entered the cabin through the actual air conditioners due to the external covers being left open during the radar’s time in open storage.

So we are moving ahead again but any help or donations on offer is much appreciated. Anyone fancy sponsoring some materials such as new flooring vinyl for the T86 and LCP?


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