Ron Ayres MBE – Aerodynamicist

Ron Ayres, aerodynamicist on the Bloodhound SSC project, was also the senior aerodynamicist for the Bloodhound guided missile, a key part of our Cold War defence system. Ron says, “In 1956 I joined the Guided Weapons division of the Bristol Aeroplane Company (before it became part of the British Aircraft Corporation) as an aerodynamicist. During my 11 years at that company I held several positions including, for five years, that of Chief Aerodynamicist. One of the principal projects that I worked on was the Bloodhound surface-to-air anti-aircraft missile. Thus you can see that the name of the Bloodhound SSC record car has a provenance!”. [Source:]. We at the Bloodhound Missile Preservation Group applaud Ron for his missile work and of course for the SSC. Find out more about us at